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Our Mission

Laerskool Jozua Naude Primary School seeks to provide an excellent platform for effective learning.  To produce professional and loyal teachers who aspire to excel in providing the best possible educational opportunities for the learners to develop.  This is achieved through continuous exposure of our teachers to new and improved training techniques, with the total support from the parents and community.


Our Vision

To endeavour our school to be recognised as the best Primary School in Roodepoort.  Our dedicated teachers will therefore strive to develop the best academic, cultural and sporting skills, so as to empower the learners as a whole, on the quest to adulthood.

Our Ethos

Our aim is to equip every child with the skills and knowledge they will need to go to a high school of their choice. At our school, your child is nurtured and encouraged to develop and master relevant skills, concepts, and attitudes.

This will lead to a responsible, caring and self-motivated person capable of contributing to and upholding a society in which all are considered equal.

Notwithstanding the Christian ethos of our school, provision will be made for each child to freely develop his/her own spiritual values.

In Detail

This will be achieved by:

  • Developing a positive self-value in each child.
  • Encouraging and recognising each child’s special gifts and attributes.
  • Developing self-discipline, independence and responsibility.
  • Inculcating caring attitudes and actions towards others.
  • Respecting the individuality and diversity of all.
  • Cultivating family involvement in school activities.
  • Attracting, developing and retaining staff of the highest quality.

Our Leaders

Mr MF Hlatshwayo
Mr MF HlatshwayoSchool Principal
Mrs. DV Phillips
Mrs. DV PhillipsDeputy Principal
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